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Q. What’s the difference between PHC Basic and PHC Elite memberships?

A. PHC Basic members:
– Only get access to the PHC Basic Facebook Group (separate from PHC Elite Facebook Group).
– Only get access to the weekly webinar replays from mid-October 2016 forward (no live access).
– Are only able to view the weekly webinar replays through their Facebook Group; the replays are uploaded to the PHC Basic Facebook Group ONLY (with links and audio) and are not posted within the membership site.

PHC Elite members:
– Access to the PHC Elite Facebook. This is a high value group of advanced and experienced advertisers where Jon often participates and engages with members.
– Live weekly webinars. PHC Elite members get access to the live webinars where they can also ask questions.
– Webinar replays in the members’ area with recap, audio and relevant links.
– Workshops and replays.
– Replays to ALL 4-week training program lessons for most recent sessions. This is a big value (starting at $297 a course), but you will always get access to the most recent version (those who buy the training only access what they attended).


Q. What will joining the PHC do for me?
A. As a leading community of Facebook marketers, members of the PHC are kept up to date on the latest Facebook marketing tactics, tools, techniques and resources. Members of the PHC are looking to increase their expertise and knowledge specifically in the area of Facebook marketing and are not afraid to engage with their industry peers.

Your PHC Experience depends on your level of commitment and what you want to have access to! If you’re just starting out and don’t think you need to ask questions of Jon, then the Basic membership may be right for you.

While all members have access to a PHC community, PHC Elite members also have the ability to ask Jon questions every week during his live weekly webinar–and they have access to the replays from all of Jon’s training programs!


Q. How do I know which PHC level is right for me?
A. While we have members of all skill and experience levels within both PHC Basic and PHC Elite, the Elite Group is primarily for advanced Facebook marketers. If you are unsure of your level, we recommend starting with PHC Basic and upgrading once you are comfortable with your Facebook marketing skills.


Q. What kind of topics does Jon cover in his weekly webinars?
A. In addition to the latest Facebook trends and releases, Jon covers many Facebook marketing topics, such as:
• How to Find Customer Lifetime Value
• How to optimize the different kinds of audiences
• Interests and the Importance of Country Filtering
• Facebook for WooCommerce
• Creating ads for Instagram Stories
• Any updates, changes and important news to do with Facebook


Q. How can I make the most out of my PHC membership?
A. Those who are serious about maintaining their sharp skills with Facebook marketing join the PHC. Members support one another, share strategies and case studies, and alert one another of new features and how to use them. The more you put into the PHC Community, the more you will get out of it! To get the most: schedule Jon’s weekly webinars into your calendar AND network and ask questions!


Q. Do you have any membership options for Agencies?
A. We do! Click here to watch a brief video from Jon that explains our PHC Elite membership options specifically for Agencies.


Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. Membership continues month-to-month or year-by-year unless and until you cancel your membership or it is terminated. Cancellation requests for month-to -month PHC members must be made 10 days before your billing date. All refund requests must be sent through info (at) jonloomer.com.


Q. Will I have access to the webinar recordings and training replays after I cancel my membership?
A. You only get access as long as you are a member. Access to the Facebook Community, recordings and training replays are only available to paying members of the PHC program. If you wish to join again the future, those replays will still be available to you.


Q. Can I promote my own business within PHC?
A. Content posted within the private Facebook Groups cannot be used to solicit leads in any way. If you need feedback, have a question or would like someone to review content, post the screenshot – you cannot ask members to opt-in to view content. Inappropriate content of any kind will be removed at the discretion of Jon and his community management team.


Q. Who do I contact if I have a question?
A. If, at any time, you have a question, concern or comment regarding the Power Hitters Club, please email info (at) jonloomer.com

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