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Power Hitters Club


I created the Power Hitters Club to provide a powerful community for Facebook marketers to share, learn and help one another. The PHC provides members with access to hundreds of advertisers who have done what you’re trying to do, have worked in your industry and who can pull from valuable experience.

(A lower cost Basic option is also available)

Jon Loomer

So what does the Power Hitters Club offer? Let’s talk numbers...

  • PHC basic 300+ Facebook Marketers
  • PHC basic 200+ Weekly Webinar Replays
  • PHC basic 200+ PHC Basic Facebook Marketers
  • PHC elite 400+ Weekly Webinars
  • PHC elite 300+ PHC Elite Facebook Marketers

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How to get involved

Free Quiz Library

Take over 25 quizzes consisting of more than 70 questions covering topics such as Facebook ad reporting, custom audiences and optimization.

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Free Video Series

This FREE series consists of 20 videos covering the primary factors that impact Facebook advertising success, and the specific ways that you should approach them.

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1-on-1 Sessions

Need a more personal touch? Book a 45-minute session for a live session with Jon or one of his experts to give your business a boost.

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You’re in good company

Our agency is based in Cape Town, South Africa and when I started with Facebook marketing (almost 7 years ago) for our clients, finding training resources in South Africa was non-existent and many international training options were unaffordable due to the exchange rate. Then I stumbled upon Jon Loomer’s blog posts and all the lights went on. I have been following him for years and being part of the Facebook group and having access to the webinars has been the backbone of my (ongoing!) learning curve with Facebook.

The value I get from Jon’s information and training is priceless. It’s always up to date and the way that he approaches a topic and explains even difficult implementations, including having questions answered on the Facebook group by experts, has made Jon Loomer and his Facebook group my go-to for developing my skills as a Facebook Marketer. I give him 10 stars!

Carola van Zyl

Fantastic value training, access to an engaged and helpful Facebook community with regular involvement from Jon. The PHC helps me stay current and at the cutting-edge of Facebook advertising, which in turn allows me to create value for my clients.

Alan M.

With Jon’s direct input and with access to the many other advanced Facebook marketers in the group, the PHC provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn from others, to have your Facebook marketing questions answered, and to truly master Facebook marketing.

Jeff S.

Being a member of the PHC has enabled me to stay on the top of my Facebook game. Not only do I take advantage of Jon’s extensive wealth of knowledge in all things Facebook marketing, but I benefit from the insights, ideas and experiences of some superb and top notch marketers who are also members of this awesome club.

Sarah M.

Jon has surpassed my expectations and being a PHC member has saved our company time, money and frustration. His knowledge, passion and natural ability to break down complex information into simple terms and processes has been absolutely priceless.

Sheri K.

Join the PHC club

Elite Membership MostPopular

Elite Membership

Or Save 33% Annually

Power Hitters Club – Elite is the full package for advanced Facebook advertisers. It includes access to…

• An active and helpful community for PHC – Elite members only
Live weekly webinars
• More than 400 weekly webinar replays
Weekly Strategy Sessions
• A collection of training program replays ($47 – $497 value each)
• Access to LIVE training program webinars ($47 – $497 value each)

  • Private Facebook GroupPrivate Facebook Group

    Private Facebook Group

    One of the most valuable pieces of this membership is access to a private Facebook group for advanced Facebook advertisers only. This is where experienced advertisers from all industries and backgrounds go to share stories and help one another.

    This is also the group that Jon spends more time in! While it's not intended to be an "Ask Jon Forum," Jon does regularly engage in this community.

  • Webinar ReplaysWebinar Replays

    Webinar Replays

    Every week, live webinars are conducted for PHC - Elite members. These members also have access to a library of all prior replays (Over 400 of them!) on the members' site.

  • Discounted Rate on one-on-ones with JonDiscounted Rate on one-on-ones with Jon

    Discounted Rate on one-on-ones with Jon

    PHC Elite members receive an exclusive rate on one-on-one consultations with Jon - only $247 (regular price $497 - that’s half off!). Get all your Facebook marketing strategy, setup and optimization questions answered by Jon himself!

  • Weekly Strategy SessionsWeekly Strategy Sessions

    Weekly Strategy Sessions

    Join Jon and other PHC Elite members for live Strategy Sessions. These weekly sessions are your chance to discuss Facebook marketing challenges, struggles, and any trends you are seeing.

  • Live training programs & replaysLive training programs & replays

    Live training programs & replays

    Since 2015, I have conducted several training programs and workshops. These trainings can be purchased by non-members for anywhere from $147 to $497. However, all replays are available to PHC - Elite members at no extra cost!

    PHC - Elite members also get access to the live stream of these training programs. I use Facebook Live to stream the lessons to PHC - Elite members via the private Facebook group.

    Examples of training you can access as a PHC - Elite member:

    • Conversions Events Mastery

    • Tracking, Targeting and Optimization in an era of greater privacy

    • Facebook Pixel Masterclass

    You'll continue to get access to all future training programs not listed here as long as you are a PHC - Elite member.

  • Live Weekly WebinarsLive Weekly Webinars

    Live Weekly Webinars

    Live weekly webinars are available to PHC - Elite members only (the replays are available to PHC - Basic members). Every Wednesday at 4pm EST, a live webinar is held to update members on everything that happened during the past week that impacts them as an advanced Facebook advertiser. There are typically around 10 topics covered during these 30-40 minute webinars that also include a period for Q&A.

    Facebook changes fast. This is how you stay ahead of those changes!

Basic Membership

Basic Membership

$29 Monthly | Save 17% 6 Months | Save 29% Annually

Power Hitters Club – Basic is a scaled-down version of Power Hitters Club – Elite. Basic focuses on the power of the community, providing exclusive access to a private Facebook group for PHC – Basic members only. Basic members will also get access to my Quick Video Tutorials as well as recordings to my weekly webinars that are otherwise provided live to Power Hitters Club – Elite members.

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Webinar Replays
  • Discounted Rate on one-on-ones with Jon
  • Weekly Strategy Sessions
  • Live training programs & replays
  • Live Weekly Webinars

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