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Carola van Zyl

January 4th, 2022 Posted by

Our agency is based in Cape Town, South Africa and when I started with Facebook marketing (almost 7 years ago) for our clients, finding training resources in South Africa was non-existent and many international training options were unaffordable due to the exchange rate. Then I stumbled upon Jon Loomer’s blog posts and all the lights went on. I have been following him for years and being part of the Facebook group and having access to the webinars has been the backbone of my (ongoing!) learning curve with Facebook.

The value I get from Jon’s information and training is priceless. It’s always up to date and the way that he approaches a topic and explains even difficult implementations, including having questions answered on the Facebook group by experts, has made Jon Loomer and his Facebook group my go-to for developing my skills as a Facebook Marketer. I give him 10 stars!