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Be Willing to Suck

“This is gonna suck, and that’s okay.” It was one year ago today that I said this in a video on TikTok. It was my breakthrough moment. That video did suck. But that was the whole point. I wasn’t trying to create something that sucked. I just knew that, no matter how much I tried,... Read more »

The post Be Willing to Suck appeared first on Jon Loomer Digital.

AI-Powered Video Translation

Did you know I speak Spanish fluently? Unfortunately, I don’t. But with the help of AI, it’s a virtual reality. Using a tool called HeyGen, I uploaded a video that features at least 30 seconds of me speaking. It then regenerated the video from English to Spanish. It didn’t just generate captions and translate them... Read more »

The post AI-Powered Video Translation appeared first on Jon Loomer Digital.