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FB Mastery Workshops

I hold a new, live, virtual workshop every two months. These workshops are now available to PHC members only, included at no extra cost as a membership benefit. During much of 2015, workshops were available to non-members for $147 and to members for $20. The replays for these and all workshops are now included for all members.

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AI-Powered Video Translation

Did you know I speak Spanish fluently? Unfortunately, I don’t. But with the help of AI, it’s a virtual reality. Using a tool called HeyGen, I uploaded a video that features at least 30 seconds of me speaking. It then regenerated the video from English to Spanish. It didn’t just generate captions and translate them... Read more »

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How to Improve Meta Verified

Getting more people and businesses verified is good for users, businesses, and Meta. The more confident you are that people are who they say they are, the better the experience. But Meta needs to separate verification from the paid subscription. Many businesses may want to get verified but don’t want the extra benefits. Charge a... Read more »

The post How to Improve Meta Verified appeared first on Jon Loomer Digital.