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Facebook Ads and iOS 14 Training: TOUR

Each Lesson Includes

  • Embedded Video
  • Downloadable Audio
  • Written Summary
  • Homework Assignment
  • Reated Links
  • Quiz (where applicable)


Currently, there is a robust FAQ and 33 lessons covering topics from beginner to advanced on this topic, including…

  • The Direct and Indirect Impact of the Prompt
  • Aggregated Event Measurement: What it is, how to set up your eight events
  • Domain Verification: Who can verify, what to do when you can’t
  • Changes in Attribution
  • How to Find Your iOS Audience Size
  • Value Optimization, and how it applies to the 8-event limit
  • Domain Verification, Consultants, and Agencies
  • House of Brands Problem
  • Ecommerce Platform Problem
  • Conversions API

I will be updating and adding lessons as necessary up until the prompt goes live. Join me!

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