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VIDEO: Impact of iOS 14 on Facebook Advertisers

The bottom line from the video above is that there is potential for the iOS 14 update to make a serious negative impact on Facebook advertisers. Facebook appears to know this as they have fought back hard against Apple, but they seem to realize they have no choice. This could mean a big hit to your targeting, conversion tracking, and optimization.

The video goes over both how it might impact you and how you should prepare. It’s a lot!

My takeaways at the moment:

  • Until these changes roll out, tough to know impact
  • How many people will opt out?
  • What volumes/percentages are we talking about?
  • How much will audiences/targeting suffer?
  • How much will tracking/optimization suffer?
  • How will this change our processes and routines?
  • How much will this impact our effectiveness?
  • Lots of ambiguity that will be cleared up with experience
  • Wait and see, prepare the best you can, cross your fingers

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