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PHC Webinar Replays – 2018

Webinars are made available exclusively to Power Hitters Club – Elite members. Expect the following:

  • Every Wednesday at 4pm EST
  • Approximately 30 minutes
  • Jon will catch you up on the latest in Facebook marketing
  • Occasional tutorials
  • Time for live Q&A at the end

These webinars now occur within the PHC – Elite Facebook group, streamed via Facebook Live. Each live webinar is recorded. Below is a collection of links to those recordings, along with useful and relevant links that were mentioned during those episodes.

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Scale High Performing Ad Sets

Scale High-Performing Ad Sets

Advertisers often feel paralyzed when wanting to scale because they’re worried that the budget increase will restart the learning phase. Well, there may be relief… High Performing I talked about this in a separate video related to Opportunity Score, but it bears repeating. Also, a hat tip to Caleb Kruse for his video on it.... Read more »

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Advantage Detailed Targeting Update Still Rolling Out?

Advantage Detailed Targeting for Link Clicks and Landing Page Views

What happened to this? Back in January, Meta announced that Advantage Detailed Targeting would be turned on and locked when optimizing for link clicks or landing page views. Otherwise, you had the option of turning it on or off when using Original Audiences. Expansion and Conversions This change mimics what we see when optimizing for... Read more »

The post Advantage Detailed Targeting Update Still Rolling Out? appeared first on Jon Loomer Digital.