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How to View Click and Conversion Details of Multi-Product Ads

February 15th, 2015 Posted by

Facebook Multi-Product Ad Performance

Facebook’s new multi-product ads are pretty amazing. I’ve now experimented with them for both driving website traffic and conversions.

However, you may notice a problem when you view your basic reports.

An Example of a Multi-Product Ad

Let’s use this multi-product ad that I’m running as an example…

Multi-Product Ad

I’m actually running this ad to promote blog posts with the hope of driving more traffic, rather than actually promoting products as Facebook intended.

The Problem With the Main Reports

From the main basic reports within Ads Manager, you’ll get a breakdown of activities that will look something like this…

Multi-Product Ad Performance

So this tells us how many website clicks (and other actions) the ad generated, but remember that this is a multi-product ad. There are multiple links associated with it.

So which links received the most clicks?

Viewing Specific Link Clicks

Know that the vast majority of advertisers stop here. They only use the basic ad reports that provide a snapshot of what happened.

But you aren’t the typical advertiser. You use the custom ad reports, and luckily for you there are details found there.

First, there is a shortcut to the information you need from the main ad performance overview. If you look at the screen grab above, you’ll see a link for “See full actions report.” Click that.

You’ll get a report of actions that looks a little something like this…

Multi-Product Performance Actions

Note that this ad-focused report consists of the following columns (other than the standard Start Date, End Date and Ad Name):

  • Destination
  • Actions
  • People Taking Action
  • Website Clicks
  • Post Likes
  • Post Comments
  • Page Likes
  • Post Shares
  • Checkouts (Conversion)
  • Registrations (Conversion)
  • Leads (Conversion)
  • Key Page Views (Conversion)
  • Adds to Cart (Conversion)

Note that you will only have columns for actions that have happened, so actually there may be some other columns not listed above depending on what you’re promoting, and you won’t necessarily have all of the columns above if your ad hasn’t generated that action.

This report is actually a little restrictive as you aren’t able to remove columns the way you would typically.

Creating a Link Click and Conversion Report for Multi-Product Ad

That’s the short-cut, but let’s talk about how to create this from scratch from within the custom ad reports.

Once you’re viewing the specific campaign that you want to focus on (use filters if necessary), first click the “Customize Columns” button.

Then make sure to select the following columns:

  • Campaign Name
  • Amount Spent
  • Website Clicks
  • Destination
  • Adds to Cart (Conversion)
  • Checkouts (Conversion)
  • Key Web Page Views (Conversion)
  • Leads (Conversion)
  • Registrations (Conversion)

Multi-Product Performance Customize

Feel free to remove the columns for data that returns zeros.

Then click “Breakdown” and select “Destination.”

Multi-Product Performance Breakdown Destination

I now have a clean little report that looks like this…

Multi-Product Performance Customize

So in this case, I know that I received website clicks as follows:

  • 4-Step Approach to Effective Facebook Ad Targeting (36)
  • No, Facebook Organic Page Reach Is Not Dead (19)
  • Facebook Ads Results: CTR and CPA Over Time (10)
  • Jon Loomer Digital (8)

When I created this ad, the fourth link was the one to learn more — it went to my website’s homepage (that was the “Jon Loomer Digital” entry).

In this case, I don’t know which clicks led to conversions, but I know that clicks on this ad led to 10 ebook registrations, 1 newsletter registration and 1 webinar registration.

While it would be useful to know which clicks led to conversions, keep in mind that I was promoting blog posts — not landing pages. Typically, it would be much more obvious as the product conversions would be related to the product page link that was clicked.

Your Turn

Have you been running multi-product ads and using these reports? What have you been discovering?

Let me know in the comments below!

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